O is for Opera


Oforoperaweb I am a week behind with my Skinny Book challenges due to all the bling I have been surrounding myself with.  So LAST week’s challenge (I hope to bring this week’s up to date tomorrow night) is to use some art from the Master’s to create your page.  I have extrapalated my theme just a little, using a bit of creative license.  The Opera doesn’t really feature in the story of My Fair Lady – but the opening scene takes place outside the theatre after an opera performance – which is close enough for me!  My ‘Master’ is Jean Beraud’s painting ‘Representation at the Theatre des Varietes’ with an insert from Giovanni Boldini ‘In the Studio’.  Beraud was a French painter who lived from 1849 – 1935. He painted many scenes of Parisian daily life during the Belle Époque, in a style that stands somewhere between the academic art of the Salon and that of the Impressionists. Béraud’s paintings often included truth based humour and mockery of late 19th century Parisian life. Along with frequent appearances of biblical characters in then contemporary situations.   Giovanni Boldini  (1842 – 1931) lived in the same era as Beraud & had some of the same influences.  An Italian portrait painter, he belonged to the Parisian school & was known as the "Master of Swish" because of his flowing style of painting.


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