Gothic Arch – Friends


Gothic_arch_friends_webHere is my Gothic Arch for this week’s theme of Friends using the artwork of French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).  I have adored his work for many years, & have a huge print of his ‘Shepherdess’ away in the attic to come out ONE day when we finish our renovating!  I have used a combination of paints, (both watercolour & acrylics) oil pastels & stamping ink to create these little treasures, which is joy of my week.   While we are on the subject of friends – this week is Thanksgiving & I would like to express thanks to all my lovely art friends who colour my life with specialness & sharing.  Thanks for being YOU!  My other thanks is for the life of our Grandbabies (Eleanor Grace – just about 17 months & Toby Caleb 1 in a couple of weeks).  I have Princess ‘L’ with me this weekend as her mum is working, she is just starting to get interested in art materials in a very tactile way.  (for those that haven’t seen her for a while – yup…….still not much hair!) I have a little table set up for her with crayons & pencils……….but just recently she discovered UHU!!!  Now that she has had her hands in something – nothing will ever be the same!


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  1. What beautiful art work!! and LOVE the sweet little grandbaby!! yes we have a lot to be thankful for!!! thanks for sharing and watch out for the UHU and next will be glitter I’m sure!!! hehehe!! have fun!! Hugs Linda

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