Back from the land of Chandeliers


To_have_to_holdHello Everyone……….thank you for your patience this week – I really just haven’t had even a minute to post.  I am not sure about you guys, but my life at the moment is a revolving door of deadlines.  I just feel the pressure of one obligation fulfilled subside & the next one is crashing upon me……….(I am not just talking about arting, although that is part of it – work is hidiously busy as we lead Exquisite_frame_detailup to Christmas)….Just after I got back from China I recieved an email from Jenny Doh from Somerset Studios asking whether I could manage to send them some more ‘chandelier’ projects using the glass crystals for an article they were doing in Somerset Life.  It was a short time line but at seemed do-able, because I already had a couple of things on the go.  I loved creating things with crystals, it is fun to turn them into all sorts of treasures & my head is still brimming with other ideas……finally though, they are finished & sent.  Working in the renovation industry, we often come across these treasures in pretty poor condition, & I love recycling them back into something beautiful again……….all the while thinking of my art friends Lynne & Sal who LOVE a bit of bling!  These are a couple of ‘teaser’ pics, but I can’t show the whole thing,  (You’ll have to wait for the mag!) I made 5 pieces in all……….they asked for 3, so they may not use them all.  ………..I know it has been thanksgiving holidays in US, which I understand it pretty big……………is everyone else manically busy too???? How_can_it_be   PS Sorry about the poor quality of these pics I REALLY must do something about the lighting in my studio!


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