Gothic Arch Challenge – Text


Arch_text_webThe Gothic Arch Challenge for this week was to use text.  I cheated a little by not using English & used text I found in some old tutorial books I bought back with me from China.  They are instruction manuals for window manufacture – I just couldn’t go past them. The stamps I have used are from Michelle Ward & Stampers Annoymous.  So my arch is actually made from pages I bought back from China, hence the world map & the saying in reverse stamping ‘There’s a world outside your window’.  HOW TRUE.  The star signifies the Chinese flag, & the image is from a recent book advertisement………as far as I know the chinese characters in black (which I wrote/drew) myself are my name.  It’s a bit different for me – but I am happy with the outcome.


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  1. Keron – your work is awesome! I like the piece I read about creating as much as possible, I need to do that more! You have been busy! Thank you for the inspiration! Marva

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