Z is for Zoltan Karparthy


Zoltan_kaparthy_web This week’s skinny book challenge is to integrate some fabric for your ‘Z’ page.  I used the ‘villian’ of the show – Zoltan Karparthy – who was bent on exposing the ‘imposter’….Although this appears a little plain, in the flesh it is beautifully textural – the RHS paper is flocked, the LHS paper is pearly & the fabric is beaded & quite raised.I got this gorgeous fabric from my special new friend Marg, who is one of the most generous & loving people I have met.  She went to considerable time & trouble to find treasures for me.  She is even letting me ‘babysit’ a precious 80 yo medical dictionary of her Grand dad’s – what a great recruit for the cause!!!

Thanks Lynne (who introduced us) for the special gift of Marg!

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  1. Hi hun,
    Love each & every one of your challenges and how different they are! What fun! You put so much into each technique and each beautiful page for our skinny book challenge! Thanks again for all you do!!
    I’ve been out of it for 3 weeks with a lingering sore throat (a rarity for me), then on vacation (see blog) & now waiting for my computer upgrade to be complete so I’ve got alot of catching up to do!!
    – vicki xo

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