Gothic_arch_spooky_webLast week’s Gothic Arch Challenge was to create something creepy & haunted looking as the USA celebrates? (not sure if you actually CELEBRATE) Halloween.  THIS week’s topic is to use a bird.  I am hoping to get back to this later in the week, but I am not sure how that will go.  So I have doubled up – I have a Spooky looking arch with a bird on it’s front & bats & scary things on the back!  I hope I can get back to this later & use some of my gorgeous Cavellini stuff, but I have heaps on right now both work wise & for swap deadlines………..one can only hope!


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  1. Keron your arches (the ones above, not on your feet):-) are fantastic, Im not usually into deep dark stuff, but I like what you have done, great work. Love Jenene x

  2. Dear Kes,
    Love the background and the monochrome colours, in fact love all of it. Love the blog, it is something I look forward to looking at while i’m sitting at my boring desk!! Perhaps I should convert my office to a studio??? xxx

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