The Hand that Rocks the Cradle


Gothic_arch_hand_webObviously, being in China, it was a little hard to complete last week’s Gothic Arch Challenge. Although, I have to admit – I did take a blank one with me & I thought that I could do a ‘pen & ink’ on with my pritt pens if I was able to upload it somehow……..those are the sorts of things you imagine BEFORE you go away that in retrospect you realize were ridiculous!  LOL!!! I mean, the internet dropped out while I was waiting for a ‘reply’ screen to come up – so posting wasn’t an option really! So the topic was HAND & I have created this composition around the old adage – The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  It is made on a base of Golden acrylic paints (what else???) & background stamping.  One of them is an swirly stamp I bought at our recent paper arts show in Melbourne.  I discovered a delightful homegrown, grass roots stamp company called Eclectic Images.  They have delightful swirls & curls which I just LOVE!  (as well as gorgeous ‘fashion drawn’ women & groovy grannies, old cars & some nice botanicals – Check it out – you’ll love ’em)  All of the images are from Paper Whimsy.

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  1. I love what you are doing with your arches, coming together so wonderfully!!!!
    Just reading about China, so interesting isnt it!!! I think thats the amazing thing about travel, seeing how other poeple live, so different to our own life hey.

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