And the winner is…..


Well – the weekend went off with a bang as we were awarded runner-up as ‘Best Traditional Kitchen Designer’ at our annual industry awards dinner on Saturday night.  It was a fabulous night…….& our team is really excited about the award………….along with that, I have returned home to find a message from Somerset Studios that they are publishing another one of my art pieces – this time on 1st March, so it will actually appear before the first piece, which is not scheduled to appear until 1st June 2008…….WOOOOO HOOOOO……(doing a happy dance!)


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  1. Dear Keron,
    No one could be prouder that me of the recent recognition of your exceptional talent!!!! Congratulations and now, can I have your autograph??!! LOL – Lynne xxx

  2. Congratulations to you! ! When i graduation,I want to become a designer like you ,but it difficult for me ,i will do bette in future!

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