Exhausted but glad to be home


Print_blocks Many of you have been keen to hear news of my trip to China & I am sorry – I seem to always promise I will update my blog BEFORE I go, then, when I get where ever I am going, I find that either I am not competent enough to do it or there isn’t adequete internet facilities to do it.  In the case of China – I had limited access to the internetHighrise and when I did it was VERY slow, which made posting almost impossible.  This surprised me, I imagined I was going into technology central!  After 36 hours with no sleep – a small rest – then out for our industry awards tonight I am a bit brain dead to write anything too intelligible……..however, for the moment – here are some pictures & some words that come to mind when I think of the whirl wind tour I have just had in China……..

HIGHRISE – OH MY GOODNESS – building after building, after building…….one after another, after another…..I guess when you are fitting 1/3 of the world population into one country – they have to go somewhere!!!Bicycle_fridge

Bicyles_enmassBICYCLES – old bicycles – lots of bicycles – rusty & without paint – bicycles used for bazzar things……..(if you look closely, the one in the picture is loaded with a full height fridge, 2 large TV’s, a fan heater AND a large DVD player!!!) We saw them SO loaded down that they could hardly be pushed, & still loaded them up!

Clothes_line_crossingCLOTHES drying – OHHHHHHHHH…the WHOLE of China is JUST aching for a decent clothes line……ANYTHING that is is standing still, is likely to have washing hanging off it…if you look closely in this picture, someone has hung their washing between the two poles that hold the traffic lights.  ANTIQUITIESChess_pieces_2Mao_statues…….of all manner & era…..some fascinating….some fake…..some reproductions……some just discarded ephemera of daily life.

I have heaps of news & travel stories to share….but for now…it’s 2am & time to hit the sack – goodnight – it’s good to be home!


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