Tea_webThis week’s skinny book challenge is using either Tissue Paper or paper dinner napkins…… subject matter fitted perfectly with this idea, however, sometimes, you can use it just as a background or to build texture or interest in your composition.  (like the canvas pictured below – coincidentally on the subject of TEA!) Tea_with_miss_caryle_miss_clark_webIf you are using tissue paper – beware the dreaded dyes they use to colour them!!!  It bleeds everywhere when it is wet.  I like using the dinner napkins better…..typically, I use the better quality ones, just because they have nicer designs…….. in Oz, these are 3 layers, a loose & easy to peel back inside, the top (printed side) & then the inner leave, usually fused by crimping to the printed layer.  The easiest way I find to separate these is to rip the napkin down the middle & peel it from the torn edge…….as the edges are Serviettes_webcrimped together, it is often hard to peel these two layers apart at the edge.

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