Off to the Land of the Great Wall


The_year_of_the_rat_web_2It has never particularly excited me to know that I was born, according to Chinese astrology in the Year of the Rat.  To me, Rats seem like sly & dirty animals, so it doesn’t seem to be a good annalogy or something that I particularly want to identify with.  However, it provides a reasonable description of me, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain.  Those that are born in the Year of the Rat Shanghai_nanjing_rd_webare charming, (mostly) strongwilled, (mostly) strive for perfection,(when I was younger – getting a little fuzzy around the edges now) like prosperity, (not money for money’s sake – but as a vehicle for freedom) will use every means to succeed, (poppy-cock) a bold risk taker (yup) & kindhearted (I like to think so)……there are a couple of glitches (every means to succeed???) but apart from that, it probably isn’t far off.  Those who know me, & my art know that Asian styling (food, architecture, colours, imagery, writing, etc) is REALLY NOT my thing………NO – I mean REALLY, REALLY not my thing………however, life always has it’s ironies & today I am flying out to Shanghai for a week to help a client with furniture selections for her renovation.  I will have some special posts while I am away, & I hope to post remotely as well……so don’t forget to check in………speak soon.

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  1. Oh Dear Keron, How exciting for you. Travel safe. I wish you good health and a very productive trip to China. My Best, ~Lynn

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