Moon Glow


Due to the many emails I get asking me about Moon Glow, what is it, & where do you get it & what does it look like, etc.I have written a review for my new ‘product info’ catagory.  This catagory has all of my fav. bits & pieces & this is the first product I am writing about. You will have heard me mention the product lots of times – MOONGLOW is one of my MOST favourite products, in all it’s various forms.    I LOVE this product….so it is easy for me to ‘rabbit on’ about it.  Unfortunately it is something that doesn’t show up in scans very well, so you don’t get much of a sense of how much impact it makes in a composition.  It really gives things a lift & dimension.

Moon Glow is a two-toned irridescent pearlized pigment that can be used for heaps of things. Some forms are mixed with walnut ink, which gives a lovely mottled look that I love. I mostly use it for touching up & colouring images & spraying on a background or a finished piece to add dimension & an extra bit of interest to it.

Moon Glow comes in 3 forms – colour palette trays of powder, embossing powder & small spray bottles of MIST & Spritz


I use them ALL the time.  I have quite a selection of H2O’s and Lumiers & about 5 pearl – ex powders AND 1 perfect pearls.  Of all of my ‘pearly’ products, I love moon glow pigment powders the best of all of them for the following reasons:

* Good that you can get a range of colours in one tray & don’t have to buy them separately.

* You can control the intensity of it.  You only need the tiniest bit with some water to make a pearly ‘wash’ & it can be deeply coloured or quite transparent depending on how much water you add.

* I use ‘waxed’ lunch wrap as a palette & when the water absorbs & the mixed up ‘moon glow’ has dried on the wax paper (ie the water has evaporated)… can re-wet it & use it as per normal

* It’s instant.  No waiting, stirring, scraping, mixed in a second

* You can customize your colours & adjust the tone of your colours…’s fabulous…..need I say more, I love it!!!

* A little goes a long way – once you have them, they are very economical because you don’t need to use much & they last for ever!

Things that are not so good about them:

* the packaging could do with some more thought
   – the lids on the trays can be a bit awkward to get off & it is easy to spill them.

   – bottles are of dubious quality, some work, others just spit or dribble or don’t spray at all!

* can’t get colours separately (I spilt my ‘Sparkling Green Relections’ on the first ‘opening’ & can’t replace it; I am just about run out of ‘Orbit Olive Gold’ because it is my fav & I use it all the time)

* price is a bit of a consideration….as you have to buy a whole tray just to try them out  – you need to be confident you like them.

The Mists & Spritz are amazing & give great depth & dimension to your work – the Mists need a fixative, the Spritz don’t.  The two I can’t live without are ‘Tawny Turquoise’ – the BEST thing for bird’s ‘underbelly’, sparkling crystal water, twinkling stars, & many other things.  The other is ‘Desert Moon Horny Toad Teal’ which is great for adding dimension to earth, trees, garden backgrounds & green tones.  These two don’t leave my work table, I use them all the time.

The Moon Glow Embossing powders are lovely.  I have about 6 of the 12 colours available & it is very hard to pick a favourite.  They too, have a two toned ‘shot’ (like organza) look about them.  All pearly & sparkly.  SOOOOOO delicious!

OVERALL – I would rate the product as 10 out of 10, but the packaging (which impacts it’s usablity) about 5 out of 10.  Having said that – I LOVE the product so much that I buy it & put it in better containers myself.  THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT!!!!

In Australia, I buy Moon Glows from The Thread Studio in Perth, in USA This is the place for them

Enjoy this fabulous stuff!


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