Gifts from Rosie


A BIG part of my ‘hunting & gathering’ process is haunting op-shops……….in other countries I have heard them called Thrift Shops or Community Chest shops…… in Oz…’s OP-shops………OP stands for Bali_recycled_webOPPORTUNITY……and that’s what I regularly find…….opportunities to convert something that is old & discarded into something ‘ALTERED’ & re-invented.  I always have my eyes open, even as I am walking down the street, looking for anything remotely interesting.  One of my fav. things is recycling old jewellery & finding bits & pieces for use on collage & assemblages.  It is literally a hunt & often there is really nothing much of use.  This time though, it came to me in a bag!  I didn’t have to even seek it out!!! Dearest Rosie has made a huge sacrifice & cleaned out her ‘costume’ jewellery………..& sent a whole bag of bits ‘n’ bobs along to me to do with as I will……. WELL….. here is the first one Rosie…… an old ‘Bali’ relic that has seen better days.  Converted, with the help of my Dremel, Love_letter_webGolden Pearl paints from very ordinary, to stunning with the use of rub ons.   Here are some more of my ‘op-shop’ converts – the pink heart on this Valentine card was a pair of VERY ugly earrings with baubles above the heart.  But it was perfect to go with the ‘Cosmo Only_love_webCricket’ paper I had chosen for Valentine’s Day. More ugly earrings (they are a good scale for ATC’s…….this time I used the pair, each one half of a heart, & used oxide to rust them up.   The ‘nail’ The_nail_in_the_coffin_150dpiin the coffin is a part of my ‘Words of the Wise’ ATC album.  The nail is from a building site we were working on & is hand made & probably well over 100 years old.  I love recycling for art’s sake…… your eyes & you will be surprised WHAT you will see!!!  My clues for successful shopping.  Look at the basic shape & structure of the thing you see.  Can it be changed????  Do you like it as it is???  How could it be altered?????  Is it more interesting in pieces than as a whole????  All weekend I have been working on a piece of Assemblage worked entirely from recycled materials (except for a couple of little details).  At the moment, although ‘she’ is gorgeous in the flesh, I am having difficulty working out a way to scan or photograph her…….but let’s see……..imagine what you could do with:
a book from 1880
some more of Rosie’s discarded jewellery
old pieces of light fittings
& a couple of other bits ‘n’ bobs
I’ll keep you guessing!!!

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  1. Oh you are so right, it’s amazing what you can find when you are actually looking LOL
    I found some rusty bits on the carpark floor last week – an old washer, a strange flat piece and then a little plastic game piece with the letter A…. Now I keep my eyes peeled to the floor. I also LOVE the op-shops and have special days with my friend where we go “Op Shop Hopping”
    Great work on the arches, thanks for the tutorials 🙂

  2. Wonderful pieces Keron…..LOVE that nail in the coffin! I too have a box of costume jewellery and often dig through it to see what I can use…thank goodness I used to wear tacky earrings in the 80’s!!! lol

  3. I started reading your blog after you joined Paper Whimsy–and I really enjoy it! I especially liked today’s, about finding bits and bobs for collaging. Thanks for the tips!

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