Gothic Arch Challenge – Vacation


This little Gothic Arch Challenge sat on my work table all week last week, and I just couldn’t seem to get it together.  I started it early (as soon as I’d finished the goose – check back on the post – I have added the back with a pic graciously supplied from Jenene’s famous Poultry book@!  (thanks J)  I have just finished it…….to have it FINISHED………..knowing (with surprise, ‘cos this is a good topic for me)that it is NO Mona!The text reads is from some of my travel journalling from the first time I went to Italy.
You cannot visit Italy & remain unmoved.  No book can describe it.  Every door that you go through, every coffee that you drink, beckons your soul…..wooing you like a secret lover.  Then it ensnares your heart like a vine.   
I don’t let myself look at the new topic until I have finished the last one…………this week’s topic is flowers….how lovely………it should be fun!!!


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