Backgrounds from Everyday Ephemera


Background_1_web We have had a couple of days on holidays in the regional centre of Bendigo, which was actually a quite belated birthday ‘weekend away’.  In truth it is also to take some time out in preparation for the months ahead where we will be very busy at work.  We had a very relaxing time that included lots of sleeping, (for DH), shopping & chilling out.  It was lovely, however, much to my surprise, access to the internet was difficult & I have missed you all.  I had lots of time to fossic in op-shops & old book shops, I found a great new scrapping supplies outlet & a couple of junk yards that made the trip special.  I have bought back some little ‘trinkety bits’ that you will see emerge on my work in the next couple of months.  I have been working on creating some more skinny book pages (it will be a weekly thing) & this week’s is creating backgrounds from everyday ephemera.  Ephemera is a funny word…….but basically it means transitent, short-lived things that last for a day or a very short time.  In everyone’s house, this is something different.  It might be newspapers, financial reports, print outs, but in MY house, it is house plans.  Being an interior designer running a renovation company, we have an endless stream of them.  they are huge, inconvenient to store & become obsolete quickly as the need to have the most recent version is critical so that mistakes and omissions are avoided on site.  I decided some time ago that old plans could be turned into interesting backgrounds sometime ago, but hadn’t gotten around to doing it.   Now I have. 
The picture above has been made from photocopies of hand drawn houseplans.  First I washed over them with an acrylic glaze made from Golden Matt Medium and a tiny bit of Golden RawWhisps_of_life_insert_outside_web_2 Umber paint.  When that had dried I washed them over again with Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin) with a tiny bit of Golden Turquois (Phthalo).  After that was dry, I then stamped all over the plans with an assortment of rubberstamps & Staz-On Teal Blue ink.  Once I was happy with proportional coverage of stamps, I then sprayed the whole sheet with the ABSOLUTELY scrumptious Moon Glow mist.  OH YUM!!  It is just delicious!!!  (Moon Glow is a pearlescent spray with an indian ink base – truely beautiful) After it all dried I was then ready to put my newly created ‘background paper’ to good use.
I used this particular combination of products because I wanted the background to show through, but if I was using, say, newspaper, or phone book pages (or old book pages) I might have used a layer of diluted gesso to soften their impact, so as not to take away from the ‘subject’ of the page.  This piece (a little insert in my Ephemeral Moments Journal) is made from old book pages that I have lightly painted over, then stamped.  You could also use watercolours, diluted acrylic paints (remember water will probably buckle the paper), charcoal & chalks (would both need a fixative before you were able to work on top of them)

My house plan background paper made a perfect background for my next skinny alphabet book page………S.  S for Street………..the lines are sung by the love sick puppy – Freddie Eyensford-Hill … I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before, all at once am I, seven stories high, knowing I’m on the street where you live……..Street_web  As the plans are A1 format (very large) I have photographed the page I used, which has turned out too warm with the lighting in my studio, the pages are scanned & this is a better indication of colour.


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  1. Hi Keron – it’s been a couple of weeks since I looked on your blog and I’ve missed heaps. I love this page – especially the aqua colours for your S for Street work and the piece for your Ephemeral Moments Journal. Just devine. I’ve ordered some paper which I am hoping will get me started on at least making some spectacular cards for special occasions (of which life seems to give weekly!) and get me going on my other pieces.

  2. Stunning and inspiring.
    I MUST, I MUST start checking in every day.
    Thanks…I’ll sleep on these ideas and look forward to my dreams about color and My Fair Lady!

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