The Golden Egg


The_goose_the_golden_egg_web This is the front (back still to come) of my little Gothic Arch Challenge on the topic of GOLD………’s my Golden Egg.  (the goose is on sabatical just now – well actually, I just didn’t know how to draw a goose so we are left with it’s nest!! LOL!!) When I saw how this came up after I scanned it, I nearly didn’t post it, because it looks terribly ordinary….in real life, it is anything BUT ordinary!  It is textural & sparkly & has some real depth in the back ground. I am a week behind with my ‘challenge’ arches, having so many tall Gothic Arches to do for the Paper Trader’s swap last week.   I wanted my little challenge arch book to be complete, so although it doesn’t qualify during the GOLD week, I still wanted to do it. (btw this weeks topic is fall/autumn – we in the Southern Hemisphere are surrounded by the inclings of Spring, so that all seems a bit hard to get inspired about)…………ON with the story……..I have used texture paste, acrylic paint, string & chicken wire (thanks Jenene) to create the nest at the bottom of the arch.  It is quite textural & is about 3/8" thick.  I created the golden egg by layering gold paint, lumiers, Moon Glow & gold leaf.  The background is oil pastels over an acrylic paint base, stamped in chalk ink.

POST SCRIPT…….I finished the back to this a week or so later & reposted the picture once I had secured a nice Goose image care of my art friend Jenene (thanks J)


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  1. Totally gorgeous Keron! I would love to see it in real life (and next May I will be able to!!) I was wondering where your gold entry was as I know we are both trying to do a book that includes every theme. I agree with you that it is hard to think autumn when we are just lurching into spring but I love autumn colours so that will compensate in teh motivation/inspiration department.

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