Hurricanes in Hartford


H_hurricanes_in_hartford_web Well…….time to begin the challenge.  WEEK ONE’s skinny book challenge is to….. use a dictionary definition to describe a word beginning with the letter H. If you would like to join in, post a comment with a link to your work, so we can all see what you have created.  I have created these pages using another old map from Mary Green  (THIS time you can actually see the MAP!!! LOL!!), one of my fav. cityscape stamps & some Golden Paints.  I really had fun with these pages & am looking forward to this project, it’s a bit whimsical & fun!


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  1. Keron! you’ve been busy creating more of your fantastical art since i last visited your blog!! everything is grand! your tall gothic arch pages are splendid. and i also love my fair lady and so love your H page! made me giggle. thanx for the morning inspiration.
    with smiles,

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