Paper Trader’s Gothic Arch Swap


I came across this widget that adds quotes to your blog, being a 'wordy' person (the lovliest compliment I have ever recieved (from Kelsey) I thought it would be a great one to have on my site.  I LOVE it…. I love quotes….. I like thinking about them & what they mean & how they apply….. & why whom ever said it, did.  I know you'll like it, & perhaps this may even inspire art!Pt_arches_back_web Pt_arches_fronts_web   

As you can see, I have been working on Gothic Arches this weekend.  I have been really stuck on these, which is TOTALLY stupid, because it is one of my fav. topics AND shapes…….but thereGothic_jewels_web you go, there is no accounting for 'artistic ferver' sometimes you just have to muddle through.  Gisele graciously offered me an out, however, I have been hand making the charms for some time now & have made jewellery pieces with initials on for each of the other 10 participants, had my arches, cut, painted, sorted, images ready, but just couldn't get it together.  I feel as though my work is looking all the same at the moment, & that is frustrating me!  IN my 'stuckness', I missed the other 'weekly' arch challenge & didn't do a whole lot for a couple of days.  So I have made eleven of these…..all a little bit different.  6 are for the swap, 1 as a hostess gift to Gisele and 4 for my own deco.


so my pages have become a 'deco' book and I love them all together – here's the cover I created for them – using texture paste, goth jewellery, & some English postage stamps that seemed to fit the theme.  They're probably not quite right historically, but they look ok in the compostion.IMG_1295_resize IMG_1293_resize


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  1. wow what wonderful pieces they are just stunning!! love the colors and all really great work as always!! and the new pages in your skinny book too!!!Hugs Linda

  2. OMG!!! Keron these look just awesome!!! Love the depth that these have, they are going to be absolutely wonderful in the arch books!
    Regarding being a “wordy” person…..takes one to know one….hee hee hee

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