Covers for a Journey


Front_cover_webBack_cover_web                                                                I have had these covers for my Gypsy Journey Journal on my studio table for the last two weeks. Anticipating the pages from other participants to be arriving soon, I want to have a ‘home’ ready for them (along with the duplicates I made of my pages.)  I already know as I post these that 1. they are NOT my best work (I always say that not every piece is a Mona Lisa AND that you never know when you start a piece whether it will become a Mona Lisa!)  AND 2. that these are incomplete.  I have worked & worked them…….in fact I think that I have perhaps over worked them a little in oil, I have lost my background papers almost altogether. (which included some lovely old maps from Mary Green) I wanted to have ‘GYPSY’ written in black letters on the front, & despite several different ways I attempted this, it just didn’t work out too well.  I will probably add it later under the dictionary definition………I think I have had enough of deep colours or something for this week…….I wanted something worn, weathered & used looking, a bit ecclectic & junkie (as much as a left brained artist can make it junky!) I am not sure that I am there yet…..I am moving on to something with a different feel for a day or two………


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  1. K, You’re ever so sweet to mention me twice in a row! Love how you incorporated the little glass vial – you always make wonderful use of each element. Mary

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