Where does your Fairy live????


My_fairy To celebrate the first birthday of one of my online groups we are having a ‘fairy mingle’.  The question has been posed………. Where does YOUR fairy live????  Well, this is a simple answer for anyone who has played in my studio with me!  My fairies live on my window sill (WHERE ELSE??) & in my garden with the angels!  Here, they can keep an eye on what I am creating, keep me posted on the stock levels of my stains & colours & see their friends in the garden out of the window!  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the beautiful little ‘Iron Fairies’ and have 3 of them to date (thanks to a lovely thankyou gift from Sally & Lynne)……. I am a bit obssessive about those sorts of things……..I MUST HAVE THEM ALL……..but for now……..to illustrate where my fairies live, I have made a delightful assemblage using an 8 x 8 in shallow box & used a ‘Collections’ tile frame to create a ‘window’.  My little fairy, Cordeallia, is a Paper Whimsy image, embellished with all sorts of treasures & coloured with Moon Glow (gotta luv ’em).  She is sitting on the window sill amongst my bits ‘n’ bobs.  Being an interior designer I (of course) had to have the ‘window’ correctly dressed with mitred architraves & a sill made from thick chipboard.  I resisted the temptation to add curtains firstly because there are no curtains on my studio windows and it would have crowded the assemblage too much.  The image behind ‘outside’ the window is from a garden magazine – it was too dominant in the composition when I first put it in, so I ‘dulled’ it down by first giving it a thorough rub over with a baby wipe, which softened it right off.  The tiniest little vial bottle is a ‘find’ from Mary Green at Green Paper Packages, (hmmmm…….I notice you have some gorgeous vintage trim at the moment Mary…….YUM!!!) & if you look carefully, there is rusty ‘chicken wire’ which is a treasure from my art friend Jenene.


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