Paper Whimsy 2008 Calendar


Pw_october_2008_web I began this last night as part of my ‘painting induced’ kidnapping by my muse.  It is similar tones to the panels I did as I used the same palette of Golden Paints for the backgrounds.  As you might guess it is for a calendar page – this one for the fabulous Paper Whimsy. (one of my fav. online sources of imagery)


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  1. Keron, as a fellow member of Paper Whimsy (and a participant in this project), I have read your doubts about this piece and I just wanted to tell you it is PERFECT. Do not change a thing! (I envy your ability more than you know!)

  2. Oh wow as always awesome work!!I love all the new pieces and esp the calendar page here!!! and love the backgrounds!!! can I borrow your muse for a couple of days so I can get some inspiration too!!?? or maybe will have to come over and play at your studio!!! hehehe!! wonderful work thanks for sharing!!!! Hugs Linda

  3. OK, enough of me drooling over all of your work. I am sooooo drawn to your work and your style……… I would love to know if you sell your pieces? I sure hope so.
    an admirer,

  4. Keron this is just lush!! I love doors and windows and this is just gorgeous. I love that it will be the page after mine in the PW Calendar. I am not sure if anyone else can buy the calendar aside from the participants. I remember wondering (and wishing) that we could last year. I think it might have to do with the work involved for the moderator of the project. Anyhow, I am glad you are part of the project and part of PW. It’s been a lovely group. It wasn’t so long ago there were just a few of us!!
    xo Rella

  5. Keron…this is absolutely gorgeous art!! Love it!!
    I have a question about this calendar…can other people buy it also? Or is it just for the participants?

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