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Doors_webTo_do_list_friends_webA_thing_of_beauty_webI spent most of the evening last night painting backgrounds.  Lots to paint, painting, painting painting……. I have a lot on right now & some time lines are creeping up on me. I ‘holed’ up in my studio (a delicious place to be if there was a world war!  Actually, there isn’t anything to eat or drink, just thing to do & lovely things to play with so perhaps it isn’t the best place!  LOL!) I was painting, painting, emailing, painting, dancing, painting, painting, spilling paint, dancing, emailing, more painting……… I had all different shaped painted pieces standing up like soldiers all around my studio…….there were covers for my Gypsy Journal, arches (big & small); an 8 x 10 canvas for a calendar page for Paper Whimsy; some 4 x 4’s & these.  These pieces were supposed to be collaborative ‘gifts’ that a number of artists & myself were putting together as a thank you to some one…….  waiting for paint to dry on one side of something……. I stamped a bit on one of these & liked how it looked…..then I waxed a bit & thought ooooo a little Paper Whimsey girl would look nice on here….then I painted, & glued, & embossed & loved them into existence…….I looked up & realized, OH NO, I was only supposed to make backgrounds………..and it was 2.30 in the morning!!!!!!!  I had been kidnapped & mezmarized by my muse & time did not exist.

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  1. Yum Yum Yum, 🙂 you sure are shining girl, these pieces are sensational, love that green and orange. Keep up the great work, xoxo Jenene

  2. lovely pieces as usual Keron! and your Calendar page is also fantastic! all are so deep and rich with color and texture. your muse was working you!

  3. Keron,
    I am a member of A.R.T. as well and I have been admiring your work for ages. I added you on my blog as one of my favorites(hope thats ok) These pieces are amazing. Is that embossing behind the images, and what did you use? And when you say “wax” what exactly does that mean? Again, simply stunning

  4. Wow! Your muse did a wonderful job by keeping you a-muse-d (hehehe) for that length of time and your work is spectacular! So beautiful in it’s depth, colour and composition….gorgeous!!!

  5. These are sooooo gorgeous!!! Don’t you love it when you get carried away, and your muse takes over? The colors are so rich and pure, and all that textures, and of course the images are a perfect choice. Love them all!

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