Printed Treasure


My_pets_album_web  I have had an enjoyable weekend, which concluded with an art day today (we missed you Sal – thanks for the little treasure!) I have some half finished efforts on my new ‘Skinny Book Alphabet’  that I am hosting at Paper Traders themed from My Fair Lady to show for the day…….. but nothing ready for show & tell yet.  Let me tell you about my weekend though! 
On Saturday, I had the unexpected pleasure of a Shall_i_eat_it_all_by_myself_weblittle time to browse at an antiquarian book sellers where I found some amazing treasures.  I came home with 3 treasures in print – a prize I have been looking for for EONS – an early copy of Alice dated 1910…… which I AM thrilled about.  I also found this delightul little book called My Pet’s Album……. which has gorgeous engravings on every page.  It is essentially a book of virtues or life lessons/values for young children – I am not really sure what the relevance is to Pet’s but it just may have been a ‘thing of the day’.

The picture of the little girl (Mary WHITE) holding an apple is a story of ‘self-denial’ where she decides not to eat an apple given to her by the generous Farmer Brown, but to hold back and share it with her sister.  The end of the little vingette the reader is called to make a judgement in the most peculiar language……. She did right, did she not??  I am sure you will say yes; and depend upon it the self-denial she thus practised gave her more pleasere than if she had thought of nothing else than gratifying her own appetite.Bookcoverweb

I also found the BEST book for my art buddy & fellow Paper Trader Jenene called The Book of Poultry dated 1885.  She is doing a new Travelling Art Journal on ‘The Backyard Chook Shed’ (for those international readers – this is the chicken coup; or hen house).  It included beautiful litho engravings of many different species of poultry, including their feathers & diagrams for layouts of holding pens & details of the physical attributes of the fowl.  My DH (who hails from a farm) was fascinated with the old text & style of writing.  FeatherswebI know that Whiteleghornswebthis will be the source of much inspiration over time for Jenene as she lives on a farm in rural Victoria.   Lastly, but certainly not the least of my new found wealth in print was a little gift from my daughter.  She has been away a few days in regional Victoria before she started her new job & found me a copyTheageclip3web of the first edition of our Melbourne newspaper The Age. It is dated Tuesday October 17th, 1854 which makes it over 150 years old.  HOW A-MAZing to be holding something that old in your hands and reading of the need for ‘a well educated & intelligent youth’ with instructions to apply to Mr. Harnett at The Age office.  A precious find to be sure!  I am going to bed now, sleeping with the comfort that wealth brings……. of course I am refering to my ‘printed treasures’.


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