Family_merged_webFINALLY, I have spent a little time in my studio tonight.  This is my submission for this week’s Gothic Arch Challenge.  FAMILY is a word for me, that is fraught with all kinds of baggage…….. both my immediate family & but more especially my family of origin, so when I read that this was to be this week’s topic I struggled a bit. I decided early that I wanted to ‘mimic’ a family tree, but not in the traditional sense of the word.  I painted the backgrounds using my beloved Golden Heavy Bodied Acrylics in 5/6 shades of green to achieve some good contrast.  I didn’t want to be too prescriptive about a tree shape, just indicative of what it was, hence the toning of the greens.  I then misted it with Moon Glow & stamped it.  I used Indian Ink on the front & Brilliance Pigment ink on the back, as this was to be embossed to create some texture.  (with the front having the frames on it, I didn’t want the back to be completely flat.  I found this little empty settings at one of my fav. jewellery haunts & found them a perfect scale to work with.  The images are from Paper Whimsey & have been covered with Dimensional Magic to make them look like they are under glass.  As I said, I used the same stamp, but a different ink & embossed the back.  I am interested to hear from anyone who has used the Adirondack Embossing Powder, ‘cos I used it for the first time here & wasn’t real impressed.  I used ‘Esspresso’ coloured powder,(which as the name suggests is a dark coffee colour) however it came out white & what WAS looking nice & subtle on the back ground became like a snow covered branch – nice – but not the look I was after.  I then used crayons over the top to add some colour to the white.  I have lost the detail a bit & I am not sure that you can still make it out as a tree with out me telling you so………but here it is.


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  1. just love them they are spectacular!!! very nicely done and love the images!! sorry no experience with the embossing powders rarely use them!! sorry!! but your work is great and still love the effect you created!! Hugs Linda

  2. I think your arches are wonderful! Sometimes in art the mistakes are just meant to be and the end result is better than the origional plan.
    I am also having oral surgery and am dreading it. I just hope I feel well enough to get around. They have promised some good pain meds but usually this means being unable to function. Speedy recovery for you!!!

  3. From where I’m sitting the tree in all its multicolour looks brill. Beautiful use of jewellery findings.I too am not that inclined to use my distress EP.

  4. I can see why you call yourself the color guru. Great variation in the green. I like how it mimics a family tree and the brooch at the top is a perfect place to start. Excellent work.

  5. This looks fabulous Keron!!! Love the little jewellery finds and you’re right, they are just perfect for this…very authentic and “period” looking. I haven’t used the Adirondack powders, funny that espresso came out white, thought that maybe cappuccino would have, but not espresso! lol

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