Lucy’s Favourite


Orange_cake_merge  This is the first of the ‘pockets’ in my ‘Company for Tea’ Deco, it will have the recipe for my famous Orange & Poppy Seed Syrup Cake in it.  This also happens to be Lucy’s favourite AND I will share with you tomorrow.First I painted the whole outside of the envelope with shellac to give it a bit of body.  Then I have used my new luscious MOON GLOW spritz (yes Deb….. they are fabulous)…… for those who haven’t used them before…. they are like a 2 dimensional pearlescent spray….. they are just lovely…… there are lots of colours……you can get them from the fabulous Dale & Ian at The Thread Studio in Western Australia.  The lace is recycled & hand dyed & the image is from Paper Whimsy.

POST SCRIPT:  In the Southern Hemisphere, where I live, today is September 11th.  My thoughts & prayers are with all who have hurts associated with the scars & memories of this day.

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