Inside the Cover


Front_cover_inside_web_2 Can you believe that these gorgeous little cherub faces are none other than the mother’s of the famous Sally (are you home in your own bed yet Sweet???) & my special art pal Lynne (Sally’s cousin).  Amazingly these sisters two have birthdays on the same day & so on Sally’s last evening with us, she & Lynne worked on making birthday cards using a gel transfer method & this photograph of their mothers.  I made a copy of the photo for myself when I was preparing theirs & couldn’t resist using it on the inside of the front cover of my new little Deco ‘Company for Tea’  The tear away of text is from a delightful book of Abby’s with a title something like ‘Etiquitte for Everyday situations’ from about 1900.  I am not sure whether you can make it out, but it really is quite funny to read.  The background imagery is a combination of more of the gorgeous Basic Grey Periphery and cut outs from a magazine of the Wedgewood ‘Sarah’s Garden’ (which I adore) – AND I don’t even drink TEA!!!  I have purposely created a soft washy look with layers of transluscent gesso & a little Moon Glow on the girls dresses.  It has a soft dreamy feel about it which looks quite soft in real life.


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  1. You have been posting some charming pieces of creativity lately. Always appreciate your sharing information on products used and the story of what sparked each piece. Happy creating!

  2. Keron your explaination of the process of creating a piece of art, is so like what I do, and how georgous is the inside of your Company for Tea. I have been working on my Sally’s Tea Party piece, not finished yet.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I can’t wait for the new Basic Grey range to arrive at our shop….’specially the Periphery range! This page looks wonderful Keron, you’re obviously enjoying the mists from Joyce! lol

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