Sally’s Tea Party


Company_front_cover_web Frills_fervillos_web Onthedayweb To say that Sally’s Tea Party was a success is an understatement….I think that all of the participants, but ESPECIALLY Sally, are booking it in as an annual calendar event!!  We had a fabulous time, great food, great fun, & everyone created beautiful art.  I have been working at my ‘deco’ book tonight to finish off the front cover, & I can’t tell you why I need to do this, but I have already added all of the embellishments on the outer spiral…………daft…….I know……….I was totally blown away by a belated birthday present from the lovely Nadine of the new Basic Grey Periphery range………..ooooo I LOVES it!!!!!!!  the colour is JUST stunning and the little bits of ephemeral graphic are delightful, but the EXTRA special thing about it was recieving it in 6 x 6in format.  It is so great because you get the whole 12 x 12 design scaled down.  FABULOUS for small size projects…………YUM, YUM, YUM……..I Time_for_tea_weblove it………….


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  1. Hi everyone – I’m Sally of “Sally’s Tea Party” and I TOTALLY agree ……. the tea party was a huge success. From the moment we started our day at Keron’s and every detail inbetween. The food was to die for, the company was impecible and the craft was incredibly inspiring. Keron, thank you for your patience with me throughout the day and all the thought you put into the “Tea Party” to make it a memory that will last forever. Kisses from Sally XOXO PS. I hope this will be an annual event!

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