Time for Tea


Sallys_tea_party_merged_webSome time ago, when I created this page in my RR art journal titled ‘Sally’s Tea Party’ a chain of events started that have ended up with me hosting an ‘ArtTEA Party’ at my house for the VERY Special ‘Sally’ who is down in Melbourne visiting the hostess with the mostess (& my art friend) Lynne.  Apart from having a great time together playing, arting & eating, five of us, plus Sally are each going to make something with a ‘Tea Party’ theme.  There will be several formats & ways people are approaching this, Lynne wants to use her piece, so she is making a ‘flip book on chipboard…..Sally is doing a canvas as she will (sadly) only be with us for the day an has limited access to art supplies……. I am using a 7 Gypsies spiral bound book that has ‘envelopes’ as pages…..it’s about 4" high x 9" long. I will decorate the outside of the envelope & put recipes on the inside on cards…. I will probably cheat & use the computer to type them out because I am not that keen on my own handwriting, (although my altered dictionary has helped me to like it a bit more)   The other’s are yet to tell me what format they are choosing, but there will defintely be more news tomorrow!!! 

Cup_cakeIn the past whether to took ‘afternoon tea’ or ‘high tea’ was the themometre of your place in society.  The former was usually a light elegant meal served between a light lunch & late dinner….. often between 3 & 5pm & was mainly confined to those that led an affluente leisurly lifestyle.  High Tea was usually a more substantial meal well suited to the middle & lower classes after a long day at work. 

Anna, Duchess of Bedford is credited with commencing the tradition of ‘Afternoon Tea’ by asking for tea & a light refreshment in her room one afternoon about 1830.  She enjoyed it so much that it became a ritual ……. & then she began inviting her friends to join her.  Before long having elegant tea parties was very fashionable.  Demand for tea wares grew & soon there was a plethora of ‘tea’ party ware available in the market place.  Sallys_tea_party_colours_web

The popularity of Tea Parties has mounted in Australia (in Melbourne) over the past couple of years………  I think there are lots of reasons why ………..obviously the return to Rocco Styling (curls, swirls, chandliers & bling) creates a perfect setting for it…….. I think the recognition that we are loosing all traces of leisure as we corporatize the minute & wring every second out of our day…….. lunchtimes used to be for eating lunch & recharging for the afternoon!  I also (don’t throw gumboots at me girls!) there is an element of some of us ladies, that just don’t want to let go of being femine & being little girls.  Yes, we are liberated……. I love it……. but I also love playing Tea Parties!!  Only ONE more sleep……..I can’t wait til tomorrow.Teapartycoloursweb

Sallys_tea_party_invite_back_webPS I know lots of you that read my blog are from the art world & are mostly interested in the eye candy I post in the way of new work…….YOU have told me…….as there is rarely a comment or response to my ‘reflective’ thoughtful posts………. & mostly comments & views of my new work…….that’s ok…….I have the cathartic experience of reflecting on my thoughts about something by writing about it & you have the choice to read it or not – everybody wins!!!………..however………..completely away from art (so I don’t know how many people are interested) ………….here is a FABULOUS site for tea party cakes, it is one of my favourite NON ART sites………(well, I just think this is a different form of art – I was told by someone once that I ‘loved dessert in to my mouth!’ – he knew me well! LOL!!!)….. http://dessertfirst.typepad.com/


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  1. Oh, this is so beautiful, the colors that you added to your musings. I love reading about the lives of the artists’ whose blogs I visit, and I certainly enjoy reading about the things you write about!

  2. mmmmm to all those that could not come, I am soooo sorry, 🙂 we had the best day,yummy passionfruit sponge, merangues, lollies, chockies, a bit of attitude changer. Such a wonderful day, and on top of that creating some beautiful pieces of art. Thanks Keron.

  3. Tea parties is a fabulous theme for a round robin can’t wait to see more on this topic as it is shaping up to be a good one.
    You have such lovely things going on here on your blog, it is a wonderful place to stop for a visit. Enjoy your techniques and insights and thoughts.

  4. I too read all your thoughtful, insightful comments Keron! It just goes hand-in-hand with your delightful art images…sort of like tea & tea-cakes! lol Conjures up all sorts of lovely, delicate, delicious goodies…mmmmmm

  5. Oh, yes, I do love your eye candy, but….I do read your thoughts! I’ve gotten to attend a tea once; a friend took me for my birthday, and it was lovely indeed. My mother always wanted to go, and my sister and I always planned on “someday.” And, now, we both regret that we didn’t honor my mom’s wish. I love the daintiness of the food, the beautiful china and linens, the relaxation..it is, indeed, an art. Oh – the site is yummy!

  6. Sounds like a fun gathering, wish I was closer than on the other side of the world!
    Love the soft pastel colours of the spread & the names(are those paint chips?) just invite you to take a bite!

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