It’s ALL about the Cake!!!


21stcakeMy baby is 21 today…… she was born late in the afternoon of a sunny spring day….we have had a girl’s day out shopping, some time out & there is a party for some friends & family……… so over the last day or so, my artistic skills have been directed elsewhere……. to flowers & cake…….. as it is the first day of spring here, we call her ‘Our Spring Blessing’ so spring blooms & flowers were the theme of the celebrations, with judicious injections of purple & lavender….. the birthday girl’s favourite colour.  The cake was a sour cream & coconut cake decorated with tiny little mauve sugar flowers & heartsFlower_boxes & fresh flowers with a wide lavender organza ribbon.  I was holding Princess ‘L’ (her daughter, our grandbaby) while the Birthday Girl has her hair done for the big night & it really seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms…….. I know this sounds pathetic, but it REALLY seems like just yesterday….. the bible calls our lifetime a ‘vapour’ a ‘whisp in time’ it does seem to be galloping by.Myprincessesweb

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