Arch Covers


Arch_covers_outside_webMy single page for the Gothic Arch Challenge was looking a bit lonely, so I made it some covers to sit between last night. I used an ’emboss resist’ technique over layers & layers of paint & wax…..they started our royal purple & ended up orange……I am not sure how that happened, I just kept blending till it looked right!! LOL!!  (and of course ORANGE always looks right to Arch_covers_inside_webme!)  Looking at them now as scans, I feel as though the edges need a bit of ‘dirtying’ up, so I am probably not quite finished with them yet….. I often re-visit my projects (and my writing) & add a bit here or there!  I had Nddoordetailthis gorgeous gothic looking key, that was not too heavy & flat on the back, so it was perfect to use here.  The text are pieces & line drawn graphics are from a children’s encylopedia on Gothic Architecture.  One of the legacies that most people would recognise from the Gothic era is many of the famous churches in the world are in this style, so that’s what I was indicatively representing….. Notre Dame in Paris is my fav…. OH MMMmmmY GOODNESS it is amazing.  Such intricate detail everywhere you look.  Here are a couple of pics from our last visit…. I can’t wait to go again……. soon I hope!!!Gothic_arches_webNdcatherinewheel



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  1. Keron..I read some of your blog and bookmarked it to go back. It is very interesting! I love Gothic and Gothic Art or anything else Gothic!

  2. I have had a look at the Gothic Arch Challenge and it looks really
    interesting. I love your pieces Keron!!
    Thanks for shaing.

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