Crystals & Gothic Arches


Lost_web It has been a busy few days with helping our kids move into their first house & a huge design load at work at the moment………I am in creative over drive and it is not all good!!!  I successfully mucked up the next page in my Ephemeral Moments Journal………which, after 3 attempts at ‘rescuing’ a spread, I have resigned myself to just covering over the whole mess with paper………sadly I will loose 2 great images in the process…….but, committed to my growth process of ‘arting’ daily, I moved on………proceeding to completely ruinate (yes….RUINATE!…this is a Keron word……..not a typo!!!) a water colour painting of a tea cup I was doing as part of an ecclesiastical piece for display in our church……determined now to make SOMETHING that was pleasing to my eyes, I revisited an assemblage that I had been slowly gathering pieces for over the last couple of months.  It is made from all kinds of recycled building ‘bits’ & light fittings, it isn’t quite right yet, but I am happy with the progress to date, which is better than I’ve been accomplishing the last couple of days.  The image is from Paper Whimsy, other than that, everything else is bits ‘n’ piece of found items.  The hanging is approx 18" long & 6" wide & is made onto old weatherboards from our house renovations, the biggest challenge was that they keep breaking apart & were quite brittle, being so old.  I intend to line the back with house plans & colour those up a bit with inks & washes, but they will probably what will hold it all together!   LOL!!

Other than that, I am preparing for a swap that is coming up in my online group Gothic_arch_challenge_logo_2Paper Traders I am starting to get my head into a ‘Gothic Arch’ frame of mind.  I have been thinking about how I am going to approach this for a little while now, & thought that I’d work either in a white on black or black on white lithography style from 18th century.   In the process of doing some research I came across Belinda Schnieder’s Gothic Arch Challenge & decided to participate.  There will be a frequent (I think weekly) challenge to decorate a templated page (downloadable) with the posted topic.  This week’s one is ‘school days’……….that’s what you’ll find me up to next!

NEWS FLASH:  I have just become one of the moderators for the online YAHOO art group called PAPER TRADERS, which is both scary & exciting.  It is a group with amazing talent & it certainly is an honour……more about this later……..’tis 1 am…..& I am off to the land of Nod!  ……….’speak soon……


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  1. Kes, how brilliant!! Good on you! Still don’t know how you squeeze it all in!! Glad to hear the family are moved and settled in – you must be exhausted! Congratulations on Paper Traders appointment, how exciting.
    L x

  2. This assemblage is wondeful Keron & my favourite colours to boot! Hey if you ever get bored of it….you know my address. lol
    Oh & congrats on the mod promotion for PT, so glad this group isn’t folding:)

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