A day of inspiration


Statue_2I have spent the weekend nursing a sick baby & a sick mummy who continues to work regardless of feeling terrible……. SO I have no art to report…… I have some interesting ideas cooking, which have been nurtured by a trip to the country yesterday……. we are currently doing some design work for a client that has a city house, professional offices and a country house that all need renovating.  (Hmmmm……. I sense MUCH chaos in her future!!! LOL!!!)  We had the time to add a little pleasure with the work and visited the magnificent Convent Gallery in Daylesford (sorry, no pics on this site) This is, as the name suggests, an old convent turned into a gallery…… it is just beautiful.  Set in acres of manicured gardens (the entry fee pays for the up keep of the buildings & gardens), the main buildings were built in the 1960’s.  Stair It was a ‘church’ related building for most of it’s life in various capacities, the last role it played was to accomodate an order of nuns.  It houses works from approx 80 different artists & includes a gorgeous little chapel (they host weddings) & intricate blending of old, new & artistic element in the architecture in a kind of Frank Lloyd Wright way.   We also visited some lovely shops, picked up a few treasures including my fav. French Soap…… Lemon Verbena…… I LOVE Marseilles soap, I indulgue myself with lovely soaps for EVERYDAY now that there are only 2 of us using them!  One of the unexpected pleasures of the day was discovering the The Flying Teapot Tree_of_lifecafe in Ballan….. a tiny little hamlet on our way….. sadly the cafe part was closed, however Alice_chairthe garden & it’s surrounds were a veritable feast for the eyes.  Everywhere you looked there was a tea pot turned into a different form of garden embellishment.  The front garden (including about 200 ft front & side fence) was full of cleverly constructed mosaics, that integrated all kinds of things.. including workshop tools, old product badging, amazing use of teapots, plates, cutlery, etc…..it was amazing and World_teapotSUCH fun to walk through, it was DEFINITELY LIKE A TRIP TO WONDERLAND!Water_feature_2 I don’t think that I Spanners_galorewill EVER look at a teapot in the same light!!! (I don’t drink tea, so I don’t have a use for them) It was such an inspiring day, I am looking forward to the creating that comes from my soul as a result of it!


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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon, the mosiacs are fantastic. AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOUU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU KERON, HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. love J

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