The Beginning of the End


TimebackgroundsmwebNow that I have finished all of my pages for the Gypsy journal swap, I am up to the the ‘not as pleasant’ task of creating backs for them………as with all ‘deco’ or tip in swaps that are going to be bound, you can see the backs of the pages, so as a minimum, you need to paint them or cover them with paper to ‘tidy’ them up after ‘studio’ work.

I have created this piece digitally using Adobe Photoshop for the back the page shown on my previous post – The Millionaire.  The ‘clock’ in the background is my own photograph of a clock that belongs to one of our clients.  It is a magnificent specimen, that was begging to be photographed to be turned into something beautiful.   The rest is done with a series of sillohetted images & PS brushes………I did have some great ‘finds’ today that will be good charms for decorating the covers & creating ‘dangly’ bits………I still, now need to create 18 charms (9 x min. 2 different ones)


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  1. Keron I have a confession to make, I AM ADDICTED TO YOUR BLOG SITE, I find the 1st thing I do when I get the computer going is check your blog! I so love to see what you have on the go. SOOOOO inspiring.

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