The Millionaire


The_millionaire_webAgainst all the odds, memory lives….we call it Time.  Artefacts & monuments that preserve a connection to the past defy decay & validate our experiences & the passage of our life…….. Time is my enemy and my friend…….. it gifts me with the pleasure of seeing my children & grandchildren’s lives unfolding before me, all the while insidiously stealing my vitality, decaying my body, robbing my memory of it’s treasure……. it’s the passage of my lifetime & all that it encompasses….. all that I have to create my eternity…… is immortal…….. irreplaceable…….. & therefore it makes sense that ‘an unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth’  Here is the last of my Gypsy series….The Millionaire, who lives without the construct of schedules & timetables…… a work in Golden Acrylics & Senellier Oil Pastels.  The stamped time pieces in the background are from Oxford Impressions.


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  1. Keron, I love your thoughts of time and memory on this piece. and as always, your backgrounds are sumptuous! your art day sounded great too.
    I’m jealous! haven’t had one of them in a long time… Rachel

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