Art Shared with Friends – In the Shadows


In_the_shadows_webYesterday I enjoyed a delicious art day with my dear friends Abby, Jenene, Lynne & Nadine joined us for the first time.  When we get together we all work on different things, which means that the tables (ONE 8 foot long table is not enough!) are full of all kinds of treasuresArt_day_aug.  Here is Jenene working on a masterpiece she is creating in leaf colours with actual leaf skeletons on raised ‘blocks’  The backgrounds she painted for each block were so special they could have been the art themselves……Abby (who you only see a bit off down the end) was working on a purple splendour……..a gorgeous purple dragon in her ‘colour’ journal.  When that journal is finished it will need to be locked away ‘cos I’ll be mighty temped to steal it!!!  Lynne is still beavering away on her ‘Le Petit Jardin’ (The Small Garden) book & did a sumptious little page on Autumn.  It is only about 2 inches square so the spread is really tiny.  Scale is a challenge for everything that goes in the book, but it is just superb.  Nadine was working on a ‘house’ project.  Her little Art_day_aug_2_3 house started out with a gold roof with Burnt Umber as a base & shingles penned over the top………although progress was a little slow, it is coming along nicely & I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I don’t have alot to show for the day…….although I accomplished a fair bit………I painted some more Gypsy backgrounds & worked them up with oil pastels.  I worked up 3 each of 2 images………they all look a bit different, as I worked & emphasised different colours in each of them.  This one is called ‘In the Shadows’………..I have seen people like this as I have travelled, they are at home on the fringe, in a doorway, in the shadows……….


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  1. Yes, what a sumptuous day it was!!! We all just LOVE art day at Keron’s!! It’s not just the art either! It’s the animated conversation, the laughter and often the most delicious smell of home made bread!!

  2. Ooooooo this looks like FUN Keron, is that at your house??? Outside looks so lovely and green!!!
    Love your page, you put so much into your pages art wise and thought, its wonderful!!!

  3. Love your “In the Shadows” piece Keron! Looks like you all had a very fun & productive day…don’t you just love sharing arty days with pals? I do!!!

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