The Matriarch


The_matriarch_web So all of this working with Gypsy images has prompted me to do a bit of research on them to understand my subject matter a bit better.  It appears that they first appeared in Western Europe in the early 15th century.  I am sure that there is big picture reasons for this, however I am not conversant enough with my European history to think what was going on at the time that would have caused this group of people to all of a sudden exist, when they didn’t before.  There appears to have been migrations from the Indian subcontinent, & evidence of origins in Constantinople.  This seems to tie in with their initial presence in Europe.  Some tribes settled into a migratory pattern others headed west to Europe proper.  In partiarchal Europe, the gypsy men assimilated more quickly into the general population where as the women tended to stay around their own camps.  The gypsy women held onto their traditional style of dress well into the 17th century which included shawls, & loose fitting tops & skirts.

Gypsy Page No 4 is a very surly looking woman that I thought made a fabulous ‘Matriarch’……….aparently, the Matriarchial woman used to teach the children (who did not often attend formal schooling) to read & write.  I have used one of my painted backgrounds (using Golden heavy bodied acrylics) then stamped with a gorgeous paisley design from Beth at Stamper’s Annoymous.  I embossed it with some clear UTEE & then rubbed over it with wax.  I printed the pics out on photopaper, which made them a bit more delicate to work with, & I had a couple of blotches………so I have coloured up her shawl with H2O’s & it has a nice sheen on it.


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