A Time for Reflection


Ellies_footOne of my fav. artists, Misty Mawn has written a thought provoking post that begins, i am, i was……… & then she lists off a miriad of things that are part of her inner & outer person – things she is now and things she has been in the past.  She ends with a challenge for readers to think about themselves & who they are & have been.

This ties in with an Ephemeral Moment I experienced just recently that I have been thinking about over & over.  Princess ‘L’ has 2 cousins just a little older & bigger than her, so my daughter is often given hand me downs for her that have had little wear as babies grow out of things so quickly.  Now very firmly established on her feet, my daughter decided to put her in these cute little red shoes that had been her cousin Amy’s.  Later that day, I saw them & ‘L’ had bare feet and I noticed a little red rub mark & an emerging blister on her little toe.  It made me feel sad – sad that she had the blister & sad that she had to wear shoes at all & sad that they had been uncomfortable for her & sad that she was made to try & fit into somebody else’s shoes. 

Thinking about it made me think about how we make adjustments to our true selves to suit other people’s expectations of us……..OR even LESS noble………we make adjustments to our true selves to adjust our true selves to what WE PERCIEVE others want us to be………..so for me………..I guess we are all guilty of it to some degree…….the balance needs to be that we are secure enough to let go of the things that don’t nuture our soul and work on the things that deminish our capacity to be our trueself………. sometimes I am not brave enough to do this and speaking it out gives me more courage to do it…..and so

i am, i was a daughter;
i am, i was
navy blue;
i am, i was cold,
alone & afraid;
i am, i was
i am, i was a learner;
i am, i was
i am, i was
i am, i was a department manager;
i am, i was a singer;
i am, i was a quilter;

i am, i was an interior designer;
i am, i was a lover;
i am, i was
i am, i was saved
i am, i was affectionate;
i am, i was a visionary;
i am, i was
i am, i was an
Indian sari
i am, i was an artist;
i am, i was a memory keeper;
i am, i was kraft paper & string;
i am, i was a
purfumed rose;
i am, i was
i am, i was a real estate agent;
i am, i was a dressmaker;
i am, i was
i am, i was reflective;
i am, i was a teacher;
i am, i was strong
i am, i was
i am, i was exhilerated;
i am, i was
i am, i was intrigue;
i am, i was
paynes grey;
i am, i was beloved;
i am, i was
spun gold;
i am, i was treasured;
i am, i was a writer;
i am, i was an image creator;
i am, i was a carrier of new life;

i am a believer in Jesus

what is it that you call yourself?

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