Predict_webHere are the first two of my gypsy pages for Artistic Journey Swap, I have 8 to make for other people, but I am also making some extra ones for myself so that I have some to keep & I can explore the idea a bit more.  The first one is made from one of the random coloured backgrounds from a few nights ago & is called ‘Predict’, the second one, called ‘Marche Des Tambours’ which was the a perfect title I found on some music I came across in my stash. I painted the background for this one especially to match the image colours. I have used REAL old Italian money on Predict….. it is from my special friend who’s Marche_des_tambours_2_web‘heart is also in Rome’ Paola.  Paola actually lives in Rome…. she teases me regularly about her passing the Colusseum twice a day to & from work, & that she has seen under ground Etruscan mosaic friezes… know, and EVERYDAY things like that…… LOL!!! Thank you Sweet! I have rubbed it over with antiquing wax to give it a bit of lustre & it looks lovely in the flesh.


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