Soot & Painty Hands


Background_1_web I was busy tonight creating backgrounds for an new tip in journal with my Artistic Journey group with a Gypsy theme. Yes……my hands are VERY painty….because I JUST can’t help myself, I HAVE to get my hands in that paint…… the blue dye from earlier this week is JUST starting to fade & now I have stains of the lucious Golden Paints Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold (almost lumincent brick orange) I haven’t done anything of the Gypsy genre before, so I am looking forward to it.  To me…. a Gypsy world is an eclectic, mixed up world which is a little whimsical & unpredictable.  I thought to use this as inspiration for my backgrounds and tried to make them quite random, both in colour combinations and placement.  I used a variety of tools to apply paints including brush, palette knife, credit card, baby wipe, brayered with paper towel AND best of all – MY FINGERS for a bit of blending & mixing!  Other than paints, I used other bits in it as well like verdigris wax, gold pigment powder, stamping ink pads (block straight on to colour) & pearl paint.  I need to make 9 pieces 8in high x 6in wide, so I just tore long strips 8" high & started painting.  This way each finished one, whilst similar tones, will be different.  THIS is not the finished product…….once I start working adding imagery, I will still work in some other textures & colours, but this is it for now. 

Also, I promised earlier in the week to share with you the techinque of ‘soot’ stamping.  This is NOT my idea it’s one I go from someone else & you are welcome to copy it…….. I am sharing it so that you can have a go as well…….

FIRSTLY prepare a clear area 1. to work in THEN 2. where you can place your ‘sooted’ piece to stamp on. Cut a piece of gloss photo paper about 1" all around bigger than what you want your finished piece.  Light a candle that has the wick protruding above the top & quickly pass the paper back & forth through the flame with glossy side facing down.  Move quickly in & out of the flame & keep the card moving. DON’T touch the card with the wick or the wax.  When you are happy with how much soot is on the card, very CAREFULLY place the card down, soot side upward.  Stamp into the soot with a dry, clean stamp. Use a clear fixative to prevent the soot from smearing.    I used Helmar fixative which left tiny white spots, I believe that Krylon is better, but not readily available in Oz.Background_2_web


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  1. Hi,
    Great blog & work here.. Just noticed your post about soot stamping and the fixative – thought I would share with you my tip. I have tried several fixative methods, as I love the soot stamping and now I will always seal with Silhouette Hairspray… yup hairspray works best – no white spots either. (It’s a tall black can)
    You can buy it pretty much anywhere in Oz too!
    So that’s a bonus.
    Hope to have helped.
    Lorri L

  2. Dear Kes, you know I am a passionate fan of birds and nests!! so of course I love the latest project. We are kindred spirits, Cecil Brunner roses are my favs also. Thanks for sharing your collegue’s blogs with us mere mortals, I have so enjoyed visiting them all and being inspired by their fabulous work!! Really looking forward to art day on Monday…..L x

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