Spring is unfurling


Helliborous_4 Blossom_in_the_rain_2Rose_in_the_rain


I have never been able to decide what is my favourite season: Autumn OR Spring.  I have the same reason for adoring them both………the colour that is constantly before my face in nature, in the garden, lining the streets.  Autumn has all of it’s gorgeous colours from my fav. palette of rich gold, muted greens, russets running into wine & port ……..then there’s (ah…..) Spring…..with it’s luscious fresh greens, crisp whites & delicate blossom Budding_tree_2colours……and volulptous fat raindrops on everything…..constantly reminding me of New Birth & Creation.  Of course the onset of spring brings with it my birthday, & my special art friend Rose_bud_2Jenene’s birthday……….(AND for her….a precious first grandbaby…… how special!!!) AND for us THIS year………our youngest daughter’s 21st……. she was born on the first day of spring so is our spring blessing!  I had a really busy weekend, however I felt compelled to stop & capture the season on several occasions, where ever I was all weekend I saw big fat droplets of Spring rain……..(so desparately needed here) precious buds, Grape_hyacyth_bulbsbulbs pushing up through the earth, blossoms & leaves unfurling……..  THIS year for my birthday……..DH has bought me new stamps from Character Constructions (the artwork of Catherine Moore) so that WILL be a fun parcel arriving in a few weeks (hopefully in time for the appropriate date)……I can’t wait to use them.  Catherine has such a whimsical look about her work and I think this will be the beginning of some fun pieces….. OH….AND…….I finally have found a local supplier of drill bits for my Dremel………SO LOOK out……..there will be NO stopping me now…….Anything that is standing still will have holes in it & hanging bits attached to it!!!  LOL!!!

PS I am SORRY the formatting of Themadteapartywebthis post is all over the shop………I just DON’T have anymore time (GRRRRRRR……..[what a WASTE of time!!!]) to play with it this morning……The Colourguru IS NOT The Blog Guru!!!  VERY frustrating process!


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  1. I’m thrilled to have found your blog! What gorgeous work you do! I will be here a lot! I love the pictures of these flowers. Not everyone notices how beautiful and complex flowers are up close. Each of their parts is as beautiful as the whole flower, and your pics show that. Thanks!

  2. Oh so pretty flowers and blooms!!! I love it when spring arrives here and now we are into the heat of summer and waiting for all the million and one tomatoes that are all green to finally turn red!!! soon we hope!! enjoy the new spring you are having and yes we finally got a little rain here it was VERY much needed!!
    hugs Linda
    oh and love the stamps how wonderful!! and oh my new drill bits!!!! too fun!

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