More Whisps of Life


Handprints_in_the_mist_together_webI have lots to share however not much time to write just now………’tis early morning & must away to work.  Spent some time over the weekend taking luscious pics of tiny sprigs of spring emerging, which I hope to share with you later this week.  Our son & DIL & darling Toby Caleb are preparing to move into their first house, so I am busy helping them with plans, colour schemes, carpets, etc (my day job is as an interior designer), also – finally captured this moment in art………..I have used Basic Grey FUSION range of papers & ‘dirtied’ them up with Golden Fluid Acrylics and delicious Vertigris antiquing wax.  Of course the ribbons are the beautiful ones Gisele just sent me.  The ‘Newspaper’ is made using the link down on the LHS in resources & the hands on the front of the envelope came from my special art friends Janet & Nadine at Scrapbook Scene.  They are only little………..I’d love to see them in a bigger scale, but it’s what I had to work with.  I have used a ‘soot technique’ to make the ‘mirror’ I will post about this later……but for now I am off to work…… is the text from the card (it is about A5 size)

I made this precious discovery totally unexpectedly one morning while I was in the shower.  Starting the day like any other…… first to my computer then to my studio……..then, reluctantly to the shower to get ready for work. I looked across at the vanity mirror while showering to see priceless tiny handprints impressions in the steam from where Ellie had been ‘patting’ the mirror a couple of nights before.   I am not sure what bought me more joy,  the special moment of being there as she discovered herself in the mirror – with glee patting her reflection……. or the treasure that remained….. the handprints that only showed up for a few moments in the steam of the shower a few days later…….& then were gone.  More whisps of life………

Handprints_in_the_mist_webHandprints_web_2 Handprints_back_web

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  1. as always you make me smile i love the artwork and your story is so wonderful can feel as though we were there!!! (ok NOT in the shower with you!!!! hehehe!) but love it and thnaks for sharing!!! hugs Linda

  2. Keron — that is just beautifuL! thanks for sharing that wonderful moment with us. Children are just SO precious. Rachel

  3. What a touching story Keron, I could feel the moment you described.
    The artwork is a wonderful visual of the story. Thanks for sharing it.

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