The ART of Sharing


Glass_ribbonsI have mentioned it before, however, it bears mentioning again………. the thing I LOVE about swapping art is the sharing & caring of the general ‘arting’ and ‘online’ community.  Today I recieved a beautiful parcel in the mail from Gisele in Jersery UK.  Despite being laid up with back problems she has still taken the time to pack me up a delicious parcel of goodies that is a collage artist’s veritable FEAST.  She has sent me delicious rayon ribbons (they are hard to find in this part of the world…….sea glass she has collected on her beach walks, as well as some other very special bits & pieces.The wonderful & ever sharing JANET from California has blessed me with a parcel lovingly assembled treasures to kick start my 9/11 project.  I know that she enlisted neighbours, relatives, attended yard sales & scoured second hand shops to put together this box of treasures to me & Stash_from_janet no amount of thanks is enough to recognise the effort she has put in collecting these things on my behalf.  (she has even included a tiny little T-Shirt (baby sized) that has a 9/11 motif on it).

Then there is the gorgeous Debbie Baker, who is an unending source of encouragement for my work……….also from the land of Oz……….but hardly local (thousands of kilometres away) she has tagged me……. this means for the second time in a week I get to nominate five other blogs that I enjoy & think others would like to know about. THIS IS A DIFFICULT TASK….(once again, choosing only 5)…but I am pleased to have it, because last week, I had trouble ‘cos I had to leave some off that I really enjoy reading.  Here is my new list, I know that you’ll enjoy them too:

Derryn Mentock: A collage artist turned jewellery maker…….& my ‘Dremel’ guide!

Karen Owen: Beautiful collage work……….check out her new book….’The Girl Within’

Jade Peggler: Art stitchery that will have you drooling

Mary J: Great imagery & through web shop a treasure trove of collage supplies

Marion B: A regular blogger, Marion is always coming up with something amazing, I am fortunate enough to have some of her artwork……LUCKY ME.

ONCE again thanks for my lovely treasures……..enjoy the art of giving!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have heard (from my beautiful girl) your green piece is fantastic. Well done, and good luck, I just know it would be so awsom in the flesh.

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