The Agony & The Ecstacy of Collage



Coat_of_armsTA DA…… IT IS FINISHED…….. MAILED……. DONE…… with some artisting confidence boosting from Abby when I got stuck & hand, arm & shoulder massages from my daughter, supplies of fresh coffee from my DH…… I have finished my ‘green project’ for  Stampington & Co & it is in the mail. Botanical_tags WOO HOO………big job, I am still agonizing over other things I coulda/shoulda/woulda done, but Abby assures me it is a visual feast. I have been hunting & gathering for sometime in preparation for this project & have had the ‘ingredients’ for sometime.  I put them out to inspire me before I went away AND nothing was coming, then when I was sick……NADA……..NOT a thing………& even when I came back nothing was coming…….I couldn’t believe it because (as I have already expressed) I ADORE green……..GREEN IS ME……….FINALLY it came…..I JUST needed to turn the canvas around (isn’t it always the little things???)…..It is not remotely what I was thinking to begin with, however, it has taken some interesting twists & turns & I am really happy with the outcome………. due to the format I had chosen, it was a really big job AND of course……….despite battling the challenges of a print deadline, there’s always the ‘oh sh……..t’ moments when things REALLY don’t work out the way you’d planned & you have to come up with PLAN B to rescue YOU from your own brilliance (LOL!) SEE EXHIBITS A & B BELOW!Oh_pooo Things were going along swimmingly a few nights ago & my main collage pieces were assembled & glued down & I started my ‘layering’ of textures & patterning…….& me thinks…….hmmmmmm a medieval patterning would look good here……well, gel transfers & me have a checked history…….I only have about a 50% success rate!!!  I LOVE them when they work out…… when they don’t……. I have quite a mess to camoflague!!!  My bird & flower patterning didn’t ‘transfer’ tooTrunk_texture well on to my lazar copied image that well at all – NOT ONLY did it not transfer too well………but it took the top layer OFF my image!!! leaving me with torn white paper in the centre of my image & canvas!!!  FUN, fun, fun!!! OH……….AND I burnt a hole in it layering up the textures!  THAT WAS FUN!!! (although DH didn’t think it was funny being woken by the smoke alarm at 1.45am!).  I am not sure (this being my first submission) what the process is, but I will reveal the whole canvas later, as soon as I know what the protocol is, but for now…… will have to be content with ‘vingnettes’.

Centre_pieceHere is a little sneak peak from the ‘Green’ story……. which appears on the back of the canvas……..
………. he terminated his daughter’s tutors & absorbed himself in educating them.  Mondays was the day for Latin; Literature filled Wednesdays & Fridays. Tuesdays were reserved for Geography & Botany filled the daylight hours of Thursday.

As the Green children matured into sophisticated young ladies they were not interested in societal expectations.  The invitations to parties & balls that bombastically invaded their serene existence were politely ignored.  They had become comfortable & satisfied in their own theosophical company & sought no other.  Father lamented, worried that he had influenced them too strongly in masculine pursuits & that they had suffered from limited exposure of feminine companionship…………..


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  1. Hi Keron – I totally relate!! Fantastic to see you submitting. Wishing you success – you certainly deserve it! I have tagged your blog today – hope that is ok with you – I just love your blog and your art,

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