Green – My life story can be told in shades of Green!!!


I am working on a canvas to send into Somerset Studios for their up & coming spread on GREEN.  It has always been my favourite colour…….. all of my life…… so I HAD to make a submission for this.  Struggling with the demons of self-doubt AND illness, I have had bits’n’pieces laid out for this work for a little while as I have gone through my ‘hunting & gathering’ phase in creating a new piece of work with a specific subject. (As opposed to my more typical ‘random’ process of seeing a colour, or an image, or reading a quote, or having a life experience & being inspired to create art from that as a starting point).   I just have struggled to start it, even though I am working with my most favourite colour & hence papers & bits that really appeal to me.  I decided I MUST take the Nike approach (and JUST DO IT!!!) so here I am putting on the first coats to the edge of the canvas, blending several shades of green to get it looking just how I want it! (of course……… it wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t have my fingers in the paint!  I am CONSTANTLY apologising at work about the state of my fingers & fingernails!)…. moving ON…….. my green life story runs something like this.

I am born in August…..I have strawberry blonde hair, so green is a GREAT colour for me to wear.  Like one of my fav. movie characters…. Anne of Green Gables…… I tried to dye my hair as a teenager and (you guessed it) turned it green!  Mostly yellow greens & my favourite is the murky soft moss colours…… my birthstone is a Periodot………YES………..light green………& I have some lovely pieces of jewellery with this stone in it.  The first green I was in love with was LIME. It was late 70’s – early 80’s & I loved it.  We lived in a rental property for several years with a great landlord & he paid for the materials & we did the work & did our first renovation. It was punchy & fresh & what my life was about at 19.  I had a lime green & pine kitchen……. pine needle green bathroom & LIME with EGGPLANT in the toilet & laundry.  We were young, it was our first house – it was miniscule & we were happy.  I bought my first two babies home to this house & moved when our second one was 10 days old.

In ’83 we moved into the first house we purchased ourselves & it was a WRECK!  We lived in a huge caravan in the driveway with 2 babies under 18 months while we renovated our ‘new’ home. The word for the day was PEACE……… HEAVEN a that point was a night with uninterrupted sleep!  I decorated with SOFT OLIVE.  Our living areas were soft olive curtains & carpet with clotted cream walls & the hallway was wallpapered with apricot & olive green botanicals.  Our bedroom had apricot curtains with soft olive carpets & the kitchen was baltic pine with linen benchtops & soft olive in the tiled splashback.  We moved from there when our 3rd baby came along & had several short sojourns in rented accomodation.

The next house we bought I used old rose & chocolate…………we were only there for 2 years & although the house was nice enough……..(AND I am NOT blame the colours in house for our experiences there)….. BUT this was not a happy place for us.  In a broader sense the national economy, a shortage of jobs & some other local issues all impacted our life greatly at this time.  Coupled with some significant personal challenges………. this wasn’t a good place for us.  Another couple of short sojourns in rented accomodation as we moved for work & couldn’t sell our old rose & chocolate house………I remember, in a time of despair buying a moss green throw rug and a mid green lounge suite, just to bring some of ‘ME’ into temporary accomodation. 

We are still living in the next house we bought (we moved here in 1992)…….and it has been through SEVERAL ‘seasons’ of green with me.  Our children moved in here as primary school students & moved out as adults……….our grandbabies have come home from hospital to this house.  In the early 90’s EVERYONE was painting trims & houses in the Victorian era ‘Brunswick Green’…….our house is an Edwardian weatherboard built in the 1920’s and I just didn’t think this was the right way to go with our house.  I opted for a soft blue green (like our Australian gum tree leaves) – called Koala.  I lived with that for about 12 years or so before I began to tire of it.  I had several combinations of greens in my bedroom……. between about ’94 – ’98 I had stencilled green vines over sponged ‘stucco’ colour, then I moved to iris blue & grass green & now I have clotted cream again, with a soft moss green suede effects paint.   Our living spaces are to be shades of that, with white woodwork & soft duck egg blue accents.

it is December 2010 now & I am STILL in love with soft moss green………..I have been surrounded by it in our main living space now for four years & are looking to carry it though to our next home………….it’s a keeper!


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  1. Keron, I certainly enjoyed the story of your life through the color green. Green is also my favorite color, and I also am a strawberry blonde. Interesting, huh? Back to your piece, this is going to be a great work. Can’t wait to see the canvas when you finish.

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