ATC workshop – Resin finishes


Resin_atcs_webHere are the next set of ATC’s from my online workshop.  The first one, the Resin Fresco, is using a method I have used for years (being a stamper from way back)  You paint a base coat lightly, add some embossing fluid & Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE), you melt that, then lightly brush over with paint or gesso. (I used black to give it a dramatic feel to match my Pre-Raphelite image).  I then worked over it with waxes (antiquing & verdigris) & some more Golden acrylics.  The middle one & the one on the right ARE pretty ordinary results.  The idea was to create a layer of UTEE  over the card, several times, then stamp into the warm resin.  The layer is supposed to be all over & gradully building in thickness.  Mine is all spotty with craters in it!!! LOL!!!  In other areas, it is soooooo runny where I tried to fill the craters!!!   The instructions called for a ‘hot pot’ to do this & melt the resin, I don’t have one, & it’s not really something that I think that I would use…….so I improvised……..I usually use my soldering iron with a ‘blow torch’ attachment for embossing which works fine on small targeted areas, but I couldn’t seem to get the whole card ‘warm’ at the same time, warm enough so that the stamp would make an impression.  (as it was about 1am in the morning when I was doing this…….I didn’t want to trek out to the garage & try to find my latest heat gun that DH had ‘commendeered’ from my studio) NOTE TO SELF:  Attempt to borrow tools you don’t have if you don’t want to buy them, so that you can actually follow the instructions!   I  encountered the same problem Dimensional Resin.  It was meant to be ‘encasing’ something in the resin, however, again, I couldn’t keep it all ‘melty’ enough to make it work.  They are still pleasing enough, but not a successful example of the lesson.

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