My Muse


My_muse_web Here is my newest journal page…….titled My Muse….the text reads
‘My muse traverses many doors & windows in my soul in the journey to birth a new creation.’ Keron Lee 2007
this is a very complex piece of work that took hours of layering & drying & waiting.   There is layer after layer of embossing inks & powders, pearl finishes (moonglow, pearl-ex, lumiers) on top of oils & waxes, stamping inks, gel transfers & a Bg_motificajade_pattern_webselection of text, music & scrapbooking papers. (I am not sure WHAT I am going to do when my fav. Basic Grey paper finally runs out, I use it ALL the time, I just love it – I noticed that it’s not on the BG website anymore as being for sale….. sob, wimper)….. it is a fabulous background paper.
In real life the pages are rich & really textural, which you don’t get the full sense of from a scan.  New tip for gluing down acetate……. dimensional magic…… seems to do the trick! (thanks Lynne)

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  1. Oh how i LOVe layers and you have done them Incredibly well here, Keron! it’s exquisite! Yummy Yummy Yummy everything! wish i could run my fingertips over this one. so glad you shared your muse with us!!

  2. Keron I am lovin what you are doing with your journal, the texture is fantastic, and your quotes, well they as I have said, there is no end to your talent, keep it up!

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