Whisps of Life Inspiration


Whisps_of_life_insert_outside_web I made this folded card as an insert for my ‘Whisps of Life’ page in my Ephemeral Moments Journal.  I realise that to make it a small enough file for you to be able to open it in any reasonable time, it is probably not going to be a good enough resolution to read…..so here is the story behind Whisps of Life…….. One night when I was babysitting Eleanor Grace, (aka Princess ‘L’) she picked up this piece of disgarded acetate from my studio floor.  She carried it around with her for ages like a precious treasure.  Later in the evening we were playing her favourite game of me pouncing after her on the modular couch & she kept stopping, holding this out to me, then taking her hand away just as I was about to take it from her.  She laughed & laughed.  It is a precious memory how something so simple, something disgarded, something ephemeral – bought such joy to us both.  It is a reminder to me to know there is joy to be had in the simplest of things.  (the text under the piece of acetate reads – a souvenir from an ephemeral moment – June 16th Whisps_of_life_insert_inside_web2007)

PS the ‘scalloped’ boarder is a FABULOUS idea I borrowed from Sally Jane Alexander in her book ‘Pretty Little Things’  I made it out of pages from an old medical text book in various paint colours, using a palette of my fav. soft duck egg blues, white & aged with a bit of the old burnt umber.

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  1. This is so beautiful! I was admiring it and my daughter came in and asked me why I was staring at it…I tried to pick it apart with my eyes and devour it… Absolutely lovely!

  2. Kes, this is the most gorgeous little creation ever (what a silly thing to say, there are SO many!! LOL) Love the treatment of Princess L’s photos! and LOVE the card – the duck egg blues are so my favourite!!! L x

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