Whisps of Life


Whisps_of_life_merged_webThis is the first part of a new spread in my journal.  I have altered some photographs of Princess L in photoshop using the sketch with Charcoal & Chalk filters & then created gel transfers from the printouts.  The text reads.   Whisps of Life.  JOY only eludes us when we look for it in hours rather than moments.  PEACE settles when you are still.  In a rush you don’t notice the brush of angel’s wings & the heartbeat of tranquility.  HOPE can always be found in the things that endure the weathering of time.  BEAUTY glows from a life that exudes the wealth gained from both mossy & shiny places – treasure nurtured in shadow & in sunlight.  LOVE arrives, when you least expect it & strokes your soul with tenderness. Keron Lee 2007.  I hope you are blessed by my writing.  I feel more ‘wordy’ than usual at the moment………hence the compositions.   I am still making Part 2, which is a little ‘inclusion’ for this page, which has the relating story.  I hope to have that finished tomorrow night.


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  1. Keron – Your Transience of Winning page is fun but I love Whisps of Life. I love the colors and layout and the words!!

  2. WoW.
    That’s all I can say…….. WOW!!!!!
    The new spread in your art journal with the altered photos of Princess L are simply stunning!!! STUNNING!!!
    I think my jaw was on the floor for a good minute while I studied this. You are an amazing artist & your work really inspires me.
    So sorry to hear you haven’t been well lately, hope you are on the up & up now. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Keron
    I love the way the fabric transfers turned out! It gives the ATC that
    dreamy appearance. Great job!

  4. Keron, I always love peeking in at your blog. I justlove the spread for your journal,, so soft and ,, well, whispy!! hee hee! You’ve really captured the feeling of the quote. By the way, did you write the text yourself??? It’s exquisite!!!

  5. Keron, I enjoy looking at your new work and techniques as they just
    breeze right along. I suppose I could be in the art room instead of
    on here and my art would thrive more. Anyway, lovely pages you’ve

  6. Oh Keron,
    Your writing is wonderful as is your art. The transfers worked well,
    but your writing….so much to think about and so beautifully
    expressed. Thanks for sharing the inspirations- I may quote you in a
    future spread or ATC, giving you credit, of course.
    LOts of hugs,

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