The Transience of Winning


Compared to the more ‘serious’ things that I The_transience_of_winning_web_4have posted lately, this journal spread is a little bit whimsical.  (Head’s up though……….I have another more serious one brewing!)  I can’t believe that I made another ‘cut & paste’ geometric piece….. this REALLY is not me at all….. I am the ‘mother of tearing’ AND……..I had originally intended to make this page red & black & white……..then other colours just kind of crept on to the page…….. I adore all things Alice…… there is JUST so much food for thought there!  I have been collecting Alice bits ‘n’ pieces for years now, but I just bought these chess pieces from  Green Pepper Press (Courtship #GPP-990 (5 x 8.5 ins) & I was just looking for a chance to use them.  The words on this page reads………’Winning is not what matters It is how you play the game. For when it is over, the Queen & the Pawn both go back into the same box.’  I started by layering pages from an old children’s encylopedia from the 1940’s with pages on Royalty & Heraldry.  These made an interesting back drop to my ‘Royal Court’ scene.   Each of the pieces in Cosmo Cricket - Halfway Café Collection - Paper Pack - Paper Crafting Kitthe composition were made individually, then assembled so that the page was a little more dimensional.  I added ‘blocks’ of chipboard behind some pieces so that they were more 3D as well.  I have used the GORGEOUS Cosmo Cricket – Half Way Cafe papers for the characters & of course…… no page of mine would be complete without some Basic Grey.  The ‘chess board’ is made from the same children’s encylopedia & paper from the ‘Black Tie’ range of BG.


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  1. Cute cute cute!! I love it. And I love GPP stamps! I have the ravens and the swirls. I want more! I also love AIW, and one did an AIW ATC swap. it was a lot of fun!

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