Ephemeral Moments Journal


FrontcoversmwebEPHEMERAL – (pron. ‘e-fem-er-al’)   

1. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
2. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.


3. anything short-lived, as certain insects.

[Origin: 1570–80; < Gk ephmer(os) short-lived, lasting but a day
—Synonyms 1. fleeting, evanescent, transient, momentary, brief.
—Antonyms 1. permanent.   

Inside_cover_webThe name & how the direction for this journal came about  is a number of serendipidous moments that came together in a blink yesterday.  It was one of our annual trade shows & when we were travelling in to the city to the venue, my assistant & I were commenting on a vista of the rising sun reflecting on the city buildings.  It looked luminous & etheral.  We commented how the moment was impossible to capture in any way & that it would just pass, as though it didn’t happen.  I didn’t think alot about it, but we usually attend seminars on trend & colour forcasting at this show.  The directional theme this year for the following little while was titled ‘about time’………….it was a panel presentation & it discussed how as a society we had broken time down into it’s smallest incriments in the name of efficency, but in the process had lost the ability to relax, to recreate, to rejuvinate.  We are left with moments, that can’t be captured or quantified, but are the only way we experience life in our modern age.  In a blink, the direction of my new journal was set……….it would be about moments………..‘whisps of life, that happen in a millisecond & arrive & leave without announcement.  An impression visited lightly on the soul, they defy description & remain a feeling, a sensation, almost etheral – that can only be quantified in the ephemeral moments.’  Keron Lee 2007 

I have used old newspaper from April 1930 for the front of the cover.  Newspaper is such a ‘chuckable’ commodity that it seemed ironical to still have it from 1930 & to be covering a book about ‘transient things’ with it.  We found the paper under the linoleum in our front room when we were renovating in there.  (our house was built in the early 1920’s), so it has some personal history, but ALSO, the page itself has various significant bits in the text which made it special, (although this was really by accident, as I just ripped randomly from my stash)  The references that make it special are:cricket scores from the Prahran Cricket Club – My Grandfather used to play with this club.  Bowling scores, he later went on to play for this club, many years later………..& there are ‘Church Notices’ some of which have some special meanings as well.

I am going to concerntrate on using ‘used print’ as backgrounds & inclusions for this journal…..as a form of re-cycling, but also giving new life to something that was percieved to have an ephemeral purpose………& then disposed of.  It is a new direction & I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me.


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  1. truly another wonderful creation!! i love the use of the old newspaper and love your words and meanings that move you!!! wonderful!! Hugs Linda

  2. Your journal is awesome, and I love it. Don’t you just have a blast using old stuff, and stuff that was never meant to be in a journal. The concept behind this one is very cool. Oh, and I love the C’Aran crayons as well. Lucky you to have a set that big!

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